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Translating for Profitability

Localization Guru provides global business solutions through reliable native translations

Global companies moving into fast-growing international markets increasingly need content translated accurately into native languages. Yet many translation apps are still subject to errors in grammar and word choices, and hiring human translators can be time-consuming and can yield inconsistent results.

Now international marketing and other businesses seeking to expand their presence abroad can quickly and accurately translate their content through customized solutions offered by Localization Guru.

The company provides professional translation and localization services by native speakers. Through Localization Guru, companies hire professional native translators based on their full profiles, experience and reviews. Localization Guru also provides premium turnkey software solutions and integrates services such as MailChimp into the translation process.

These services are designed to make it easier for companies to expand into new markets in the hyper-connected, information- and tech-driven global economy say founders Pavel Svitek and Slavomír Hruška.

“More than 80 percent of people are likely to buy your product if it’s written in their native tongue,” says Hruška, an international translation veteran who previously worked for the global firm Johnson Controls. “So companies get a higher conversion rate if they localize their products into the native language of the country where they are selling their product.”

Companies that need to quickly translate newsletters, blogs and other content into multiple languages have previously faced some shortfalls in the fast-growing space for translation services. Those who use traditional translation agencies rarely know who is translating their documents, and consistency of translations can change with assigned translators. Or they can find translators online, but “you never know if the translator is available for a job or will reply to your message, and no one guarantees the quality of the translation,” says Svitek, an entrepreneur and software developer. It can also take weeks to find a translator.

To provide accurate translations quickly and reliably, Localization Guru hires only top-quality translators and assesses their quality before publishing their profiles on the platform.

“You can choose your translator based on his or her profile, experience and previous user ratings,” Svitek says. “You can manage the whole process by yourself or hire one of our experienced project managers who will take care of everything.”

Here’s how it works:

1. Clients choose a source language and target language (or languages).

2. Upload documents and files. The site allows users to easily drag and drop files to or folders to upload, or upload ZIP/RAR archives to translate to several languages, make multiple orders or use project managers.

3. Choose an expert in a desired field as needed (expert categories include legal/certificates, marketing/consumer media and software/IT.) Localization Guru has experts who specialize in each area.

4. Search and choose professional translators and proofreaders based upon customer ratings and reviews.

5. Confirm order and make payment through a variety of easy payment options.

“We provide a completely transparent service so you have consistency in the translations,” Hruška says.

To learn more, visit www.LocalizationGuru.com
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